Welcome aboard the USS Loma Prieta, NCC-26848-A. The USS Loma Prieta was first launched with a skeleton crew on stardate 2011.0630 and underwent a six month shakedown cruise. On stardate 2011.1230, the ship entered service as a fully commissioned vessel and has quickly risen to become a key presence in Northern California.

~Captain Zach Perkins
Founder and Former Commanding Officer


History, Name and Ship:
The USS Loma Prieta was the final ship of her class to be built. By the time of her original commissioning, the Ambassador class had already been usurped by the Galaxy as Starfleet’s new top of the line vessel. While no longer the cutting edge or main line of the fleet, the Ambassador class is still a highly effective heavy-cruiser capable of a wide variety of mission profiles. The USS Loma Prieta has undergone 3 full refits in the mid and late 24th century, allowing her to perform close to the same level as the Galaxy class when first commissioned. The ship takes its name from the Loma Prieta earthquake that devastated the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 20th century. The future home of Starfleet Command was rocked by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on October 17th, 1989. 63 people were killed and tens of thousands made homeless.

Mission Orders:
The primary mission of the USS Loma Prieta is one of scientific and deep space exploration. As a heavy cruiser, the ship is adequately equipped to act independently and establish a Federation presence during a long range missions without support or resupply. With a full suite of science stations, laboratories and crewed with a superior sciences department, the Loma Prieta is on an ongoing mission of discovery. Orders also dictate that the USS Loma Prieta and its crew maintain a mission profile that keeps them at the ready to carry out their secondary missions; defense of Federation space and policy, and to provide assistance and disaster relief to Federation and non-Federation worlds alike.

Translating… 20th Century English, Colloquial:
Welcome to the USS Loma Prieta. We are a STAR TREK based Science Fiction fan club formed by people who are living proof that being a Trek fan does not hinder ones ability to be completely and unyieldingly awesome at life. We are a very diverse group and welcome anyone who loves Trek regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, politics, sexual orientation or ability differences. Our City of Charter is San Francisco, California.

We chose the name LOMA PRIETA because we feel that the 1989 quake was significant to our founding members as a generational event, one that in turn served to unify San Francisco in its response to the disaster and set the tone for our lives here in the present.

The San Francisco Bay Area is filled with centers of science and technology. Likewise, many of the founding members of the Loma Prieta come from science and technology backgrounds both in education and profession. In addition, the area is also fortunate to have many historically significant sites of our nation’s achievements in military aviation and naval prowess, and a community that places a high value on disaster preparedness.

Both the Loma Prieta’s away-missions and community outreach/volunteer projects will involve Bay Area institutions of science such the California Academy of Science, Lawrence Hall of Science, Chabot Space Center and the Exploratorium; Bay Area historical sites of naval and military aviation such as the USS Hornet, the USS Pampanito, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien and Oakland Aviation Museum; and disaster training with the SFFD’s NERT program for neighborhood emergency response skills, and obtaining First Aid and CPR certifications. Guaranteed payday loans online -

The USS Loma Prieta’s structure is based on civilian and para-military activities with a secure system of checks and balances. As a crewmember, you may choose to advance in rank and assume positions within the organization. While these ranks and titles are purely fictional, they can represent certain real positions and functions in the club.